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Our Client Service Policy

Our practice provides a high standard of advice and service through our dedicated team of advisers and support staff.

The establishment, over many years, of strategic alliances with external Legal and Accounting practices have enabled us to be a pivotal point for clients seeking specialist advice in Self-Managed Super Funds, Debt Management, Estate Planning, Legal Agreements and Accounting.

This combination along with many years of experience and long term business and professional relationships developed with market leaders in Funds Management and Insurance product providers enables us to provide superior outcomes and service for our clients.


Client Value Proposition


We aim to provide our clients with money when they need it the most. This is achieved via our personal risk insurance, superannuation and investment advice.

Our Client Services

  • Personal risk planning

  • Business risk planning

  • Corporate and personal superannuation

  • Savings and investment advice

  • Personal estate planning

Our Clients

Our services extend to those in all stages of life from young individuals, growing families, businesses and those planning for and progressing through retirement. 

In order to understand our client's requirements we complete a comprehensive Needs Analysis. This enables us to understand their needs, what is important to them, their priorities and values. This in turn allows us to assist in achieving financial goals while providing our client and their the family with the tools to be financially protected against premature death/disability or trauma. No matter what stage in life or business we aim to provide advice for the financial security of our clients and their families and most importantly we ensure it gets done!!!

Another very important aspect of our work is to track our client's plans to ensure they remain relevant and effective via a regular review process. We often liken our role in their financial life to that of a personal trainer: the outcomes are only as successful as their diligence and participation! ...You can buy a gym membership but without your attendance, no six pack!

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