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ToppTunbridge  - meeting new standards of compliance while maintaining our focus on personalised customer service.

Since joining forces in 2005, Nick Tunbridge and Lauren Topp have propelled the business into a new age of compliance.

High standards of service and advice remain a ToppTunbridge benchmark.

Lauren has been particularly active in bringing in new personnel to push the practice to a higher plane against a backdrop of escalating compliance standards and special service requirements for a growing client base.

Superior Outcomes

As authorised representatives of a worldwide broker, and by working closely with market leaders in funds management and personal risk insurance, we are able to provide superior outcomes and service for our clients.

Nick and Lauren also use strategic alliances forged with an extensive network of like-minded professionals in other specialist fields to add further value to client relationships. They encourage clients to look at the practice as a pivotal point for consulting on any number of professional aspects.

ToppTunbridge is there to steer clients in the right direction when seeking advice and services that go beyond it's own specific expertise.


Through our professional alliances, we can assist you in such matters as:

•  Asset protection

•  Estate planning

•  Succession planning

•  Self-managed super funds

•  Debt management

•  Legal agreements

•  Accounting

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