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Calling on more everyday heroes!

We are very proud to sponsor Marc Ramsdale in his epic attempt to complete the Alpine classic in less than 12 hours and in doing so raising vital funds for a very worthy charity "The kids Cancer Project". If you feel inclined please help Marc make a difference to lives of many children, see below the note from Marc for more details.

Marc we wish you all the best and a safe journey.

Hi there,

My name is Marc Ramsdale from MarCarpentry. I am a road cyclist from Botanic Ridge, Melbourne and I have taken part in many charity rides / road races over the past 25 years.

I have ridden in many 210km Around The Bay in a day events, the 200km Alpine Classics and a on 2 occasions the 3 Peaks Events (235km). Then a new Challenge has evolved, the Alpine Classic Ultimate 320km. To ride in this event you need to Qualify with good times from similar cycling challenges. Fortunately for me my last 3 Peaks ride took me 9:40mins. During the event we journeyed through the Tawonga Gap, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek and many other long undulating roads over the course of the day. I am aiming to ride the course in under 12 hours, which will be no easy feat.

So if you’re interested in getting behind me and help give me a push and assist in raising money for a very worthy cause, please donate to the Kids Cancer Project, I would be most grateful.

Just check out my link at


Marc Ramsdale

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