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Season's Greetings 2015

Three cheers to 2015 and here’s to success and happiness for all of us in 2016!

There have been many developments within the ToppTunbridge practice over the past 12 months and we are proud to announce that Brandon, completing all education and training requirements, is now a qualified Trainee adviser. Masha has successfully taken on the role of managing our internet profile and we are adopting new technology to improve and streamline our processes and we look forward to delivering these services to you in 2016. Mia continues her work as practice manager, keeping a tight rein on compliance and practice development in-line with this fast and ever changing financial world.

To that end we can look back over the past year with great satisfaction for what has been achieved and we thank our team for our success.

We look forward to being of continued service to you next year and wish you and your family a safe a happy festive season.

As always, we will continue our Christmas tradition of donating to UNHCR, supporting the invaluable work they do.

We wish you all the very best

Lauren Topp & Nick Tunbridge

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