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Three cheers for Brandon!

To think it was only 18 months ago that Brandon joined a Rostrum Victoria Public speaking club as a means to enhance his communication skills. Being a member of Rostrum provided Brandon with the opportunity to speak on a range of topics whilst receiving guidance and coaching from the experienced senior speakers within the club.

As a result of Brandon's progress he was nominated along with one other member of his club to compete in the Regional Ron Kitchenn Trophy ..... and WON! Brandon then progressed to the State Grand Final, known as the Jo Davis Cup and Aced it again.... three big cheers for Brandon!!!!

The competition has run since 1956 and is made up of six speakers who have won their respective divisional events. There were set topics to choose from and the speech was judged on impact, speaking skills and purpose. With this victory, Brandon will be able to compete for a place in the national event which is run every 5 years.

Brandon is pictured with the trophy and a few of his fellow club members including Nick Tunbridge who is the proud Club President. There are 15 Rostrum Clubs in Victoria and Brandon is a member of the Melbourne Rostrum Club 3.

We are all very proud of Brandon’s achievements in this regard and wish him well in the effective use of his fine-tuned communication skills.

If anyone has interest in how Rostrum works and what is involved, feel free to speak to Brandon or Nick or look up the website on

Lauren Topp

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